Agency Description The Civilian Complaint Review Board (“CCRB”) is charged with investigating and mediating complaints which members of the public file against New York City police officers involving the use of force, abuse of authority, discourtesy or offensive language. The Board consists of 13 members who are appointed by the Mayor, the City Council and the Police Commissioner and who, along with the Executive Director, govern all operations of the agency. As the largest police oversight agency in the United States, the CCRB currently investigates approximately 5,000 complaints each year. The CCRB is also charged with operating its Administrative Prosecution Unit (“APU”) which prosecutes all cases substantiated by the Board. The CCRB’s staff consists of 180 employees, 131 of whom are investigators, mediation coordinators and attorneys engaged in the core function of the agency, to investigate complaints impartially, expediently and efficiently. Additional information concerning the CCRB is available at Job Description Reporting to the Executive Director, the Deputy Executive Director of Administration will work in concert with the Executive Director to develop a strategic plan and exercise prudent decision-making abilities which benefit the agency’s operations, its staff and the Board. The selected candidate will lead and develop an internal team in the following areas: business planning, human resources, diversity and recruitment, administration, IT, communications, and EEO matters. • Directs and evaluates the supervisors and/or managers of Human Resources, IT, and Statistics units to ensure that the agency improves and/or maintains efficiency in its administrative operations and meets all relevant citywide policy and reporting requirements. • Directs the Human Resource/Personnel function of the Agency, including revisions of the employee policy handbook, performance appraisal, grievance procedures, discipline, policy and procedure development, benefits administration, payroll, position posting, screening and interviewing all candidates and per diem staffing requirements. • Oversees the IT Director in regards to the implementation of standards for computer operations and use, software support tools, system data backups, performance testing and security. • Oversees computer system support activities and resources required to provide quality computer operations, processing and application system resource management and availability. • Coordinate IT system security, and ensure availability for all computer systems through the Agency. This includes audits and maintenance of security levels consistent with DOITT security policies. This may include developing and implementing internal policies, identifying and correcting security vulnerabilities and implement security related software. • Enhance existing and recommend new technologies to improve the Agency’s operational efficiency. • Coordinates with the Statistics/Policy Unit in the development of empirical studies that direct the Board, the Executive Director and staff in making policy and operational decisions that benefit the Agency. • Reviews preliminary concepts and ideas suggested by the Executive Director, and develops statistical tools and models which evaluate these concepts in order to determine the appropriate course of action for the Agency. The development of these concepts will impact investigative procedures, policing activity and the public’s perception of the Agency. • Makes policy recommendations regarding administrative matters for submission to the Executive Director and assists in developing, implementing, and disseminating agency policies, procedures, and services. • Oversees the Agency’s diversity and recruitment efforts. • Provides oversight for contract and grant management. • Coordinates property management. • Assists the Executive Director with overall operations.

Salary: $125,000.00 - $135,000.00

Median salary: $130,000.00

End date: N/A



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