The Office of Child & Family Health (OCFH) is seeking Director of Nursing/Nurse Practitioner to oversee the day to day operations and provision of medical services to children in Pre-Placement Services and Field Office medical units which include sites in the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn, as well as the around the clock operations at the Children’s Center. Reporting to the Agency Medical Director the Director of Nursing/Nurse Practitioner will be responsible for the following: • Provide ongoing supervision, mentoring, and evaluation of nursing and administrative staff; • Diagnose and treat acute and chronic health problems, in coordination with child's PCP whenever possible. Refer to the emergency room or specialist when necessary. • Monitor care delivery; • Develop, implement, and evaluate plan of care based on assessment of the child’s physical and psychosocial needs; • Provide patient education to children in the prevention of illness, promotion, maintenance and restoration of health. • Coordinate nursing staff coverage for the assigned sites in Division of Pre-Placement Services; • Assure children have necessary medications at the time of placement; • Prescribe necessary medication within the scope of practice for a CPNP in NYS; • Work closely with contract temporary employment agency to identify and recruit nurses with appropriate work experience and skill set; • Provide clinical orientation and cross training (shift/site) to newly assigned nurses; • Provide training and oversight of weekend staff; • Provide in-service and unit based conferences for nursing staff to improve patient care; • Develop tools and guidelines to ensure appropriate medical data collection and reporting; • Assist in revisions of the Agency Medical Policies and Procedure Manual as needed.

Salary: $90,000.00 - $140,000.00

Median salary: $115,000.00

Posting date: January 12, 2015

End date: N/A



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Salary Range for Administrative Public Health Nurse

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