The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) is the City agency responsible for oversight of the for-hire vehicle industries in New York City including yellow medallion taxis, community car services and livery cars, black car services, luxury limousines, commuter vans and paratransit services. Combined, the TLC regulates industries that are responsible for over 500,000 daily trips, serving over 1,000,000 passengers. The TLC’s Licensing and Standards Division is responsible for the review and credentialing of all members of TLC-regulated industries ranging from yellow taxi drivers to commuter van base owners. In total, there are 14 different license types with over 150,000 licensees managed by the Division. The Division is responsible for developing and setting applicant standards, accepting and evaluating applicant submissions and ensuring that licensees maintain the high standards of conduct established by the TLC through proactive compliance monitoring of licensing requirements. Under the direction of the Division Management and reporting directly to the Fitness Review Unit Supervising Attorney, with wide latitude for independent initiative and judgment, the Administrative Attorney for the Fitness Review Unit will evaluate applicants for TLC licenses to determine if the applicants are fit to be licensed by the TLC. This evaluation includes conducting interviews, investigations, and preparing written evaluations. This analysis will be done by reviewing information received through the review of records, interview of applicants and investigations of other relevant documentation requested or received. Evaluations must be conducted in accordance with the legal requirements of New York State Correction Law Article 23-A “Licensure and Employment of Persons Previously Convicted of One or More Criminal Offenses,” other applicable laws, rules and regulations, and the TLC’s interest in protecting the public. • Conduct interviews, investigations and prepare decisions evaluating an applicant’s fitness to hold a TLC license. • Ensure that the evaluations and decisions prepared meet the requirements of any applicable laws, rules and regulations, and TLC’s interest in protecting the public. • Direct and assist the clerical support staff in records research and retrieval, quality review of forms and applications and response to telephone and correspondence requests for information requiring research. • Review clerical staff’s work product. Identify, communicate and recommend resolution of legal and operational issues or problems including the quality or efficiency of the unit’s operation. • Advise and assist in training investigator/reviewers and clerical support staff. • Review and make recommendations for new and revised procedures. • Monitor and resolve daily operational issues and inquiries. • In the absence of the unit’s manager, may temporarily assume responsibility for the manager’s related tasks. • Data entry as required in one or more systems used for the interview process. This includes scheduling, tracking and recommendationdecision software.

Salary: $55,615.00 - $84,904.00

Median salary: $70,259.50

End date: N/A



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