Reporting to the Executive Director of the ECE Office of Data Management and Analysis, the Tracking and Monitoring Data Analyst, with wide latitude for independent decision-making and action, has the following responsibilities: • Provide hands-on technical assistance and individual guidance to contracted programs as they navigate the centralized data system known as ACCIS and Web-based Enrollment System (WES) • Resolve data inconsistencies and correct data errors by assisting contracted programs with data entry down to the individual case level • Extract data sets from ACCIS • Create relevant and accurate statistical reports accessible to all ECE staff • Supervise or conduct complex studies and surveys of management and methods related to ECE monitoring compliance using quantitative analysis, cost analysis and other research techniques • Produce trending data, forecasts, and impacts of policy changes • Review and modify existing data requests and reports to ensure reliability and relevance • Develop and incorporate new metrics for performance measurement • Test ACCIS/successor system upgrades and modifications for reliability and accuracy • Correct data errors caused by system break-downs or policy exceptions • Develop and deliver user-friendly training on WES • Lead and implement special projects as needed

Salary: $59,536.00 - $88,649.00

Median salary: $74,092.50

End date: N/A



Job Availability Score
  • 38 out of 436 available jobs


Salary Range for Associate Staff Analyst

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