DoITT is responsible for modernizing, unlocking, and innovating to improve IT infrastructure and service delivery in New York City government. Modernizing by implementing state-of-the-art information technology to improve services to New Yorkers. Unlocking by making government more transparent and accountable to New Yorkers. Innovating by employing cutting-edge tools, methods, and relationships to empower New Yorkers. The successful candidate will serve as the Director of Strategic Technology Development reporting to the Office of Strategic Technology Development. Responsibilities will include: Lead and manage the development and communications for various initiatives, products and strategies in collaboration with other DoITT units including but not limited to Project Management Services, Enterprise Application services, Policy, Planning and Communications, Enterprise Architecture, and IT Services; build and maintain online and offline collaborative relationships between City IT staff and external IT communities of practice, including small businesses and drive awareness of City IT initiatives and opportunities within these communities; prepare senior level technical reports for executive management; and manage special technology projects and initiatives as assigned. The position’s responsibilities include commitment to and compliance with the City’s EEO policy.

Salary: $49,492.00 - $101,500.00

Median salary: $75,496.00

Posting date: August 09, 2011

End date: N/A



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Salary Range for Computer Systems Manager

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